Delivery in Zürich, Gockhausen, Zollikon, Zollikerberg, Zumikon, Küsnacht, Erlenbach.

Delivery in Zürich, Gockhausen, Zollikon, Zollikerberg, Zumikon, Küsnacht, Erlenbach.

Frequently asked questions

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in Zürich, Gockhausen, Zollikon, Zollikerberg, Zumikon, Küsnacht, Erlenbach. Delivery is free for orders of CHF 250 and more and for orders in Zollikon and Zollikerberg. In other cases, delivery fees amount to CHF 15 or CHF 25 depending on the exact location. Delivery costs are indicated at checkout based on zip code. Upon agreement in special cases and for corporate/brand orders, we are happy to consider delivering in other areas. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

When do you deliver?

Boxes are prepared and delivered in principle on Mondays ,Thursdays, Friday, Saturdays, Sundays. You will be asked to choose a delivery date when completing your order. It will then be prepared and delivered on that day, between 13.00 and 16:30. If you want a morning delivery, please mention it in the comments section at checkout. We ask you to make sure to be present for delivery, as the boxes need to be refrigerated at all times (see Terms & Conditions for delivery conditions).

How much notice is required?

Orders can be made up to 2 days before delivery. This allows us to only offer the freshest and highest quality ingredients. We can however sometimes accommodate last minute order, in this case please contact us at

How long can i keep a box?

The boxes need to be refrigerated and will be best enjoyed on the day they are delivered to you to guarantee the best quality and freshness, especially for those including dairy and meat products. Please note that some ingredients may have been deep frozen as part of the production process and as a consequence none of the contents of our boxes may be frozen again.

Do you accommodate for allergies?

We are currently not able to accommodate for specific requirements with regards to food allergies. Our boxes include various artisan ingredients such as dairy products, nuts, cured meat etc. that are handled in the same kitchen and we therefore cannot guarantee that there would be no contact with risky products.

What health and safety measures do you follow?

We comply with all hygiene, health and safety requirements in force in Canton Zürich. Our kitchen is controlled on a regular basis by the Kantonales Labor Amt Zürich and is certified. We are always happy to meet you, but offer contactless delivery to your doorstep at your convenience if you prefer.