Delivery in Zürich, Gockhausen, Zollikon, Zollikerberg, Zumikon, Küsnacht, Erlenbach.

Delivery in Zürich, Gockhausen, Zollikon, Zollikerberg, Zumikon, Küsnacht, Erlenbach.

Terms and conditions

1. General information

These Terms and Conditions are applicable exclusively to legal transactions between MAISON GRAZE on one hand and their customers on the other hand, in connection with the placement of purchase orders via the website. MAISON GRAZE provides the services offered at (referred to below as the “ online order service”) exclusively on the basis of these Terms and Conditions (referred to below as the “T&C”).

By placing the purchase order, the customer confirms that he/she has read and understood the T&C and has accepted said T&C without reservations.

MAISON GRAZE may amend the T&C at any time. The applicable version of the T&C is that version which was published on at the time of the purchase order.

2. Business activities and content of the online order service

MAISON GRAZE is recorded in the Commercial Register of the canton of Zürich under the number CHE-331.831.369 and its headquarters are located in Zollikerberg, Im Grossacher 14. The online order service is an online order service for the food available from MAISON GRAZE (referred to as “the goods “). The service is only offered for deliveries in Switzerland.

The online order service is a sales channel that represents MAISON GRAZE’s range. MAISON GRAZE reserves the right for the range on the website to differ from the range offered by MAISON GRAZE through other ordering channels. Restrictions to the online order service are reserved at all times.

3. Purchase order and delivery

The customer’s purchase order is placed online at the website. By placing the purchase order, the customer submits a binding and definitive offer to purchase the selected products subject to the conditions stated. MAISON GRAZE confirms acceptance of the purchase order via email. The confirmation of the order is a binding contract between MAISON GRAZE and the customer. 

For the purposes of delivery by our delivery service, the address and telephone number of the party placing the order are recorded together with the purchase order.

The customer’s delivery address must be located in Switzerland, canton Zürich. All deliveries are made to the address as stated by the customer.

If a purchase order cannot be executed, or can only be executed with difficulty, due to reasons for which MAISON GRAZE is not responsible (e.g. incorrect order address, customer’s absence, etc.), MAISON GRAZE may exonerate itself from the obligation to deliver unless the customer immediately provides the additional information. The customer is not entitled to a new delivery or to compensation for damages.

Due to the short delivery times and the perishable nature of the products, purchase orders can neither be amended nor cancelled, and delivered products cannot be taken back or exchanged. 

4. Prices and payment

The applicable prices are those stated on at the time of the purchase order. The prices are understood to be in Swiss francs, inclusive of  value added tax.

Payment is made by the customer by means of a credit card or via TWINT on Payment on account is only possible if an agreement to this effect is made in advance.

5. Due diligence obligation of the customer

The customer undertakes to provide truthful, precise, current and complete information regarding his/her personal identity and the delivery address on the order form. MAISON GRAZE excludes all liability for losses and damage arising from failure to fulfill these obligations.

MAISON GRAZE reserves the right to verify the information by taking appropriate actions and, in the event of failure to comply with the T&C, to exclude individuals from the online order service without prejudice to any various ongoing judicial proceedings.

6. Delivery zone

Delivery of MAISON GRAZE goods is possible in the following areas: PLZ 8008, 8032, 8044, 8053, 8702, 8125, 8126, 8703, 8700. For deliveries out of this zone, the customer is asked to contact MAISON GRAZE who may accept or refuse the delivery, on a case by case basis. After electronic confirmation of the order by MAISON GRAZE, the products ordered will be delivered to the customer in accordance with the information supplied by the customer, on the delivery date picked by the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate, complete and specific information (address, building number, floor, door code…). 

7. Delivery schedule

Deliveries are performed on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, between 13:00 and 18:00 and in some instances on Tuesdays between 13:00 and 18:00. The customer is asked to select a specific date for delivery when placing the order. Dates open for deliveries are available to see in the calendar accessible on the checkout page. Certain delivery dates may be blocked or rendered impossible, notably days with exceptional business levels, in which case any compensation requested by the customer is excluded. 

8. Customer’s absence

If the customer is absent at the time of delivery and has not provided any further information, MAISON GRAZE products will be left at the doorstep. They can also be left with a neighbour if such a request has been made with a note when placing the order. MAISON GRAZE commits to following proper food handling procedures up to the delivery to the customer. After delivery it becomes the sole responsibility of the customer to store the products according to food handling standards, whether he is present or absent. MAISON GRAZE declines any responsibility regarding theft or damage making the products improper following delivery. 

9. Product information

The MAISON GRAZE goods include allergen products, or include products that may have been in contact during the preparation process with the following allergen products: gluten, dairy (including milk, yogurt and eggs), tree nuts (including but not restricted to: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios, macadamia nuts), peanuts, celery, lupin, mustard, sesame seeds, soya, sulphur dioxide, wheat, mollusc, shellfish, fish. The cured meat origins from Italy and/or Switzerland depending on the type of box. Further information on the ingredients and products can be provided at your convenience.

The boxes and platters are better enjoyed on the day of preparation and delivery and can be kept up to 2 days refrigerated.

Some ingredients may have been deep frozen as part of the production process and as a consequence none of the contents of our boxes and platters may be frozen again. 

Products pictures are not contractual. MAISON GRAZE is not liable for any difference that may occur between product pictures and the delivered goods. 

MAISON GRAZE reserves the right to modify the content of the products depending on seasonality and daily availability of ingredients/produce.

10. Cancellation of a delivery

If a good is unavailable for the scheduled time of delivery, MAISON GRAZE will inform the customer. The amount corresponding to the unavailable goods will be reimbursed to the customer. 

If for reasons independant of MAISON GRAZE (inaccurate address, unauthorized acces, weather or traffic conditions rendering delivery impossible) delivery is not possible, MAISON GRAZE reserves the right to cancel the order and delivery. The customer may not claim compensation under any form. 

11. Customer service

MAISON GRAZE Customer Service is available to customers for information and support regarding all aspects regarding its products and for problem resolution. Defects or flaws in the delivered goods must be reported to MAISON GRAZE maximum within one hour following the delivery. Contact must be made with MAISON GRAZE reserves the right to not address any claim submitted after this delay. If a flaw is proven, MAISON GRAZE may grant at its discretion reimbursement or a voucher of equal value to be used for a subsequent order. This waves any right to any further claim to damages or penalties. Due to hygiene and sanitary reasons, and our goods being perishable, these cannot be exchanged or returned. 

12. Rights and property

The resale of any MAISON GRAZE product is strictly forbidden. 

The content of the website is the sole property of MAISON GRAZE. Any use or reproduction of texts, photos and logo is forbidden.

13. Availability and modification of the website

Although MAISON GRAZE endeavours, as far as technology allows, to offer the highest possible availability of the website and consequently of the online order service, availability at all times cannot be guaranteed.

MAISON GRAZE reserves the right to modify, interrupt or suspend the online order service that is offered, either temporarily or permanently, and either with or without notification to customers. MAISON GRAZE is not liable to the customer in respect of any modification, interruption or suspension of the service.

14. Links

The website may contain links to other third-party internet pages or third-party sources. MAISON GRAZE has no means of control over these internet pages or sources with regard to availability or content. For this reason, MAISON GRAZE excludes any and all responsibility for the content of such internet pages or sources.

15. Guarantee and liability

The customer explicitly agrees that the use of the online order service made available on takes place at the customer’s own risk. In particular, MAISON GRAZE may use ingredients and additives that can trigger allergies and intolerances. If you have an allergic reaction to food, we advise you to contact MAISON GRAZE  in order to obtain information about current allergens before you place a purchase order.

MAISON GRAZE accepts no liability in cases of force majeure, including in particular the failure of telephone lines or internet connections, industrial actions, actions by public authorities, unforeseeable failure of transport or power, pandemics, or other unavoidable events. This shall also apply if a vicarious agent of MAISON GRAZE is subject to the aforementioned events.

In general, MAISON GRAZE is not liable for delayed or incorrect deliveries.

16. Data privacy

MAISON GRAZE draws the customer’s attention to the fact that personal data is collected and processed in connection with the performance of the contract and for marketing purposes. By accepting these T&C, the customer agrees that the collected data may be processed and used by MAISON GRAZE. In other respects, the processing of personal data is governed by the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

17. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

All legal transactions are governed exclusively by Swiss law.

In case of litigation, MAISON GRAZE and the customer commit to make every effort to resolve it amicably. If this is not possible, any litigation linked to these T&C will be handled by the Zurich Cantonal Tribunal, with recourse handled by the Federal Tribunal.